When we tell people about this website, they usually guess that it was named after California’s 805 telephone area code. They ask if we are a data science company based in Santa Barbara or Ventura in California. As flattered as we are to be thought of as a Californian startup, we actually had something else in mind when we created Data805.

Data805 was created with the mission to catalog AI stories cross Africa. We know that the fire has started burning across the continent. And harnessing machine learning and deep learning to find solutions to various problems is key to our development. We believe now is the time to push the envelope and collect our stories.

Our approach is to discover AI startups, talents and companies; share tutorials and materials,  capture events and experiences that create inspiring stories across Africa.

Audience and Network

Our audience is composed of newbies, students, enthusiasts, executives, technology decision-makers (in government and industry), and journalists from all over the world.

Our articles, research and interviews will aim to educate and sensitize the growing populace, shine a light on industry applications and opportunities of data science (artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning) in our everyday lives.  We hope our work will be referenced in many of the largest and most reputable print and digital technology publications very soon.

Founders Profile

Esemeje Omole is a Data Scientist at Africa’s leading data and marketing company with offices in Lagos, Kenya, South Africa and India where she applies machine learning, analytics and product management to build products that unlocks value for businesses through insights. She is passionate about helping organizations make informed decisions by leveraging on data available.

She has a computing background and a masters degree in Data Science and Computational Intelligence from Coventry University, United Kingdom. She has garnered experience both locally and with Fortune 500 companies like Jaguar and Dyson.Esemeje Omole is a guest lecturer of Data Structure at the South Western University, Lagos, Nigeria. She writes on data science and also a pioneer writer for dataopsblog – a data operations and engineering publication on Medium.

Ayo Philip has 10 years experience in the e-commerce, Fintech and renewable space leading teams to use data and operations in delivering content to diverse customers across multiple countries in Europe and Africa. He’s managed teams in Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, Ghana, Uganda and Tanzania, to name a few.

He’s currently a data/business intelligence analyst, a data science advocate and a community builder. He’s a member of PydataLagos, Data Science Nigeria and Pycon Nigeria.In his free time, he shares knowledge in form of tutorials and tweets.