Cohort Analysis with SQL

Last week, I was tasked to do a cohort analysis for a friend’s company on BigQuery. I used dbt to transform the data, carry out tests and create a documentation. Then created a dashboard on Looker with LookML. I found it very insightful and I thought to make a blog post about it. For this … Read more

How to achieve your learning goals for data science


As a self-taught data scientist or wanna-be data scientist, deciding on what to learn per time is important. However, it can become a stressful task in itself because there a lot of materials and new concepts to cover. For some people, the challenge is that they lack the motivation to keep learning. They quit after … Read more

AI Residency Programs You Should Apply To

We have made a detailed list of AI residency programs you can apply to right now. These AI residency programs give you the opportunity to put your foot at the door of AI companies. Here is all you need to know about the available resident programs. What is a residency program? Residency as an opportunity for advanced … Read more